Wissetris Rules





Here’s how to play Wissetris, a take-off of the popular Tetris game:

The goal is to not have any open spaces! When the applet loads, a block will begin falling. First you must click once in the applet then you can take control of the game with your keyboard. You guide the blocks using your arrow keys as explained below. Everytime you fill a row, without any spaces, it will disappear and you’ll get bonus points!

Keys to play the game with (make sure the applet has focus by clicking on it):
  • cursor key left - falling block goes left
  • cursor key right - falling block goes right
  • cursor key up - falling block mirrors
  • cursor key down - falling block rotates one quarter
  • space bar - falling block falls down with light speed
  • P - pause/continue
  • R - restart
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