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If you want your service or product advertised in a fun and interactive area on the Web, then you've come to the right place!

Animation Artist Magazine is the leading online publication for animation information, news, features, and interactivity. It is made possible by excellent sponsors and advertisers. We value our sponsors and advertisers and recognize the contribution they make to the community by keeping this magazine free. Because we value that relationship, we have put together one of the best advertising packages on the Web, strategically formulated to give you mass recognition at an affordable price.

Animation Artist Magazine accepts one sponsor per month for the Animation Artist Playland. That sponsor's banner is exclusively branded on every single page in the Animation Artist Playland area. Sponsorship is sold on a monthly basis and that advertiser is given exclusive sponsorship throughout the entire Playland.

Here is the introductory package being offered to advertisers:

Animation Artist Playland Sponsorship Package:
 - 486x60 Banner on every Animation Artist Playland page.
 - 30-word "About the Sponsor" description on main Playland page.
 - Listing in Animation Artist weekly newsletter as Playland sponsor.

Cost for above package: $1,200 a month.
Guaranteed Playland page views: 50,000 guaranteed page views.
CPM (Cost Per Thousand) = $24.00!
Bonuses (newsletter listing and About the Sponsor): FREE

Questions and Answers

What if a sponsor doesn't get 50,000 page views in a month?
Because we guarantee sponsors 50,000 page views, we will continue to run ads beyond a month until the 50,000 number is reached.

What if a sponsor goes over 50,000 page views in a month?
This is a more likely scenario that going under in a month. The great news is that the sponsor's ad remains up for an entire month, even if page views are double or triple the 50,000 number. Sponsors do not pay a penny more than the $1,200 a month.

Are sponsors allowed access to the page view statistics?
Yes. Sponsors are given a user name and password to access banner statistics.

How is payment handled?
Because of the extraordinary sponsor rates and bonuses offered by Animation Artist Magazine, for the Playland area, payment in advance of the sponsorship campaign is required. Payment must be received 10 days prior to the ad campaign beginning.

What if I want to buy more than one month at a time?
Sponsors are allowed to buy multiple months. Multiple month purchases must run immediately one right after the other. Even though advertising rates will rise as the growth of Animation Artist Magazine (and the Playland) continues to surge, you will be able to lock into the price advertised when paying for multiple months in advance!

Am I the exclusive sponsor when signing up for this program?
Yes! No other sponsors are allowed to advertise on any Playland pages during the month of your sponsorship.

Can I rotate my own banners throughout the Playland site?
Yes! As long as the banners are all for the exact same service/product you may have up to four different banners rotating throughout the Playland area for the entire month of your sponsorship.

If I buy multiple months, can I advertise a different product/service every month?
Yes! Let's say that you bought an entire year of advertising in the Animation Artist Playland area. First you'd lock into the $1,200 price for every month of the year. You'd pay $14,400 in advance, thus avoiding any rate increasing as the Playland area continues to expand (remember, you are placed on every page in the Playland, including new pages that are added on a regular basis). Every month you are allowed to place up to four different banner ads rotating throughout the area as long as those banners are all advertising the same product or service. At the end of every month you are allowed to change those banners even if it is a different product or service!

Can I purchase more than a year's block at one time?
No. A year is the maximum you can purchase at one time.

What months are currently available?
Because the Animation Artist Playland just opened (September 22) - as of September 22 all months for this year and next year are open. Campaigns start on the first of every month (i.e. October 1, 1999) and end on the last day of the month.

How do the bonuses work?
On the front page of Animation Artist Playland, you are given a 35-word text description that goes under the "About the Sponsor" heading. This stays there for the duration of your sponsorship. A link to the product/service page of your choice is provided from here.  In addition, every week your business name (with a link) is listed in the weekly Animation Artist email newsletter as the Playland sponsor. This not only gives you additional exposure, but keeps working after your sponsorship ends since the email newsletters are archived and always publicly accessible!

Why is the price so good?
The publisher of Animation Artist Magazine, Joe Tracy, is also the author of three books including Web Marketing Applied which hits bookstores on December 1, 1999. He is committed to helping other businesses and Webmasters get maximum exposure for an outstanding price, thus giving even small businesses an equal opportunity to gain exposure through Web advertising. Because of this commitment Joe Tracy doesn't follow formulas that cut off ads when they reach a specific number of exposures. He also doesn't force ads into rotation with other advertisers (profit cramming). By basing advertising on an exclusive monthly plan (with a minimum exposure guarantee), you could get a ton of extra exposures at no additional cost. We don't penalize advertisers for enjoying some additional success.

I'm Sold! How do I sign up?
Send an email to
[email protected] that includes your name, your email address, your phone number, the product/service you want to sell, and what month(s) you wish to purchase at the guaranteed rate of $1,200 a month. You will be contacted within 48 hours to confirm the receipt of your email and to let you know if the months you requested are available. A check for the full amount of the month(s) you chose must be received 10-days prior to the campaign beginning. Ad banners must be 486X60. You can submit anywhere from 1-4 banners. If we receive more than one, they will be placed in equal rotation with the others. The banners may be animated.

What if I want to tie my banner ad into your Playland design?
Animation Artist Magazine is open to what we call "creative and interactive advertising." This is where your ad interacts with another element on the page (i.e. the Playland flag). USA Today online has mastered this type of advertising. An example is when they did ads with a color printer company. You'd see the USA Today menu come up and it would be black and white with a color printer above the menu. In a few seconds you would see a color version of the menu come out of the printer and replace the black and white menu. We believe that these types of interactive advertising are not only more effective, but also more fun to view. We would be more than happy to allow you to create such interactive elements within reason. These would take the place of your 486X60 banner. There will be no additional cost for "creative and interactive advertising." Details must be worked out over the phone and approved in advance.

What type of payment do you accept?
We accept company check, Visa, MasterCard, cashier's check, and money orders.

[email protected]

* Note: Animation Artist Magazine is a family-friendly site.  We do not accept any type of advertising whatsoever from adult-oriented or hate-oriented Websites.

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