David Johnson
Animation Artist
Regular Columnist





David Johnson, a native of San Pedro, California studied music at the University of Redlands where he graduated magna cum laude in the late '60s. It was at this time that he began his research into the making of Snow White by visiting the studio and interviewing several animators and other personnel. Since making a successful solo debut in New York in 1980, he has been active as a part-time concert pianist and is currently on the faculty of two music schools in Berkshire County, Mass., where he resides. During the course of several years he has personally interviewed over 70 people, including the legendary Grim Natwick, Wilfred Jackson, Bill Cottrell, Ward Kimball, Art Babbitt and many others, now deceased, whose collective input comprise one of the largest private collections of oral documentation relating to the early years at Disney up to and including the making of Snow White.

If you’d like to contact him, his e-mail is [email protected]