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Ninja Resurrection Gets U.S. Distributor





(February 26, 1999) SyCoNet, Inc., the leading U.S. distributor of Anime Japanese animated videos and DVDs, today announced that it reached a distribution agreement with ADV Films to market the Ninja Resurrection(tm) Japanese Animated video tape sequel to the number one selling Anime movie Ninja Scroll(tm).

The Company reported that the Ninja Resurrection film has already been added to the SyCoNet product offering, which also includes the original Ninja Scroll movie.  The Company, which expects sales of the Ninja Resurrection video to be between 5,000 and 10,000 units over the next 12 months, already received orders for more than 1,000 units from existing retail customers and individual Anime consumers.

"Since the Ninja Scroll movie is the largest selling Anime movie both in dollar value and unit volume, we expect Ninja Resurrection sales to significantly impact our growing revenue base," commented Sy Picon, chief executive officer of SyCoNet. "Due to the tremendous number of Anime fans who enjoy the original Ninja Scroll film, we believe many retail locations which currently do not carry Anime will expand their product mix to capitalize upon this notable demand. As such, it follows that this trend should translate into a larger retail customer base for SyCoNet, which is expected to further increase our sales volume."

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