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Brit 50's Icon Dan Dare To Make U.S. Television Debut In High-Definition On Animania HD
First HDTV Channel Featuring Big, Bold Fun for Kids Brings British Superhero to American Television with Stunning Imagery and Cutting-Edge Animation
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Jericho, NY and London (Jan. 23, 2004) -- Animania HD, the new high-definition television (HDTV) channel that delivers big, bold fun for kids, today announced an agreement to air Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, a 26-part, half-hour animated television series based on the well-known British 1950's comic strip hero. The series makes its U.S. debut this month on Animania HD, which is available exclusively on VOOM, the first satellite television service to deliver the most complete lineup of high-definition programming for the rapidly expanding home entertainment market.

Dan Dare is a $20 million CGI-animated series boasting a top British cast and a theme song written by Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin and performed by Sir Elton. Colonel Dan Dare is the 007 of outer space. Although quintessentially British, Dan is a cool, handsome and totally fearless superhero, as stylish and sophisticated as James Bond, but with the additionally attractive mythological strength and powers that justifiably place him alongside the giant American comic strip heroes like Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

Colin Frewin, Head of the Dan Dare Corporation, which owns the global rights to Dan Dare and the Eagle magazine in which Dan Dare first appeared in 1950, said: "I am delighted that the series is now transmitting in America and am particularly excited about seeing Dan Dare delivered with vivid high-definition images on Animania HD. Although conceived in the Fifties, Dan, like Superman or Batman, is a character that transcends any given timeframe. Also kids - indeed families - throughout the Western world can readily identify with his adventures, conflicts and conquests. I am quite sure that in a very short time, Dan Dare will be equally as popular in America as it is in the UK."

"Dan Dare is a legendary, popular superhero in the UK and we're thrilled to bring this exciting new Dan Dare series to the U.S.," said Nora Ryan, senior vice president of business development, Rainbow Media Holdings, LLC, creators of Animania HD. "The CGI animation explodes to life on Animania HD, delivering an adventure unlike anything kids have had a chance to experience on conventional television."
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Dan Dare is a true hero adventurer as well as the best pilot on the planet. In a futuristic world where atomic-powered rocket ships zip around the solar system, Dan and his highly trained crew are explorers for the newly formed Space Fleet. Their primary purpose: to explore other planets, establish relationships with alien races, and defuse possible threats to peace.

Professor (Prof) Jocelyn Peabody is the designer and Chief Engineer of the interplanetary space ship, Anastasia. American flyer, Hank Hogan, is the foremost specialist in Zoology and Alien Physiology, and Pierre Lafayette is a highly skilled, sophisticated French pilot.

The cast of Dan Dare includes British-born actor, Greg Ellis, now based in America, who is the voice of Dan; Julian Holloway plays his trusty side-kick Digby; and Carole Ruggier is the beautiful, voluptuous and sexy Professor Jocelyn Peabody. Not only does Dan have to cope with his biggest adversary, the evil Mekon (voiced by Rob Paulsen), he is also challenged by a formidable cast of guest villains, headed by Robbie Coltrane, Tim Curry and Charles Dance.

Although faithful to the original comic strip, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future has been brought up to date with the latest technology in CGI animation, which considerably enhances the transmission and image quality of the series when viewed in high-definition.

Dan Dare first appeared when the Eagle comic magazine was launched in Britain in April 1950 by the Rev. Marcus Morris, a vicar in the English town of Southport. The strip was created and drawn by artist Frank Hampson, and among the other original artists who illustrated Dan's adventures were David Hockney and Gerald Scarfe. The Dan Dare comic strip ran until the Eagle ceased publication in 1969.

The new Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future series was produced by Foundation Imaging, based in Los Angeles, having animated productions like Max Steel and Starship Troopers and the series, Babylon 5.

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