DNA Productions: Video Interviews
Behind the scenes with the Jimmy Neutron Team
By Frank Moldstad

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With Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, DNA Productions proved it's possible to produce a high-quality 3D animated feature film with off-the-shelf technology, and, of course, with the right people. Using NewTek's LightWave 3D, pmG Worldwide LLC's project:messiah 1.5 and Pentium-based PCs running Windows 2000, about 30 animators and an equal number of lighting and effects specialists produced the entire movie in about two years.

Below, we present video interviews about the creation of Jimmy Neutron with 10 key members of the DNA Productions team. They include Producer/Director John Davis; Executive Producer Keith Alcorn; Storyboard Artist David Lux; Film Editor Jon Price; Model Department Director Sean Jensen; Animation Director Paul Allen; Character Design Supervisor Beau Hawkins; Texture Artist Ryan Michaero; Lighting Supervisor Ian Megibben; and Digital Optical Supervisor Greg Kimble.

Be sure to read our related full interview with Director John Davis, who 10 years ago wrote the original treatment, then titled Runaway Rocket Boy.

Each video clip is compressed for the web, and is playable in QuickTime, Windows Media Player or any other application that can play back .mov files. Click on each image below to view the video file.
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DNA Productions
Irving, Tex.

For more information, go to www.dnahelix.com/jimmy.html
Character Setup: Character Design Supervisor Beau Hawkins
Storyboarding: Storyboard Artist David Lux
Film Transfer: Digital Optical Supervisor Greg Kimble
Editing: Film Editor Jon Price
Lighting: John Davis and Lighting Supervisor Ian Megibben
Executive Producer Keith Alcorn

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