RAYZ 1.2 Premieres at SIGGRAPH
2D Compositor for IRIX, Windows and Linux (Intel, Alpha, and Mac Power PC)
HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 08, 2001 -- At SIGGRAPH 2001, Silicon Grail will premiere RAYZ 1.2, the latest version of its 2D compositing software designed for high-end effects facilities.

Among the features added to RAYZ 1.2 are integrated Cineon tools (including CineSpeed, Grain and Degrain) and a new super fast blur. The new version also includes enhancements that extend RAYZ’ rendering speed and customization. Silicon Grail will have demonstrations of RAYZ at Siggraph booth #1901. Siggraph will be held August 12-17 in Los Angeles.

In addition, Silicon Grail, Alias|Wavefront, Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Compaq have partnered to offer free classes in digital content creation that will utilize RAYZ and Maya. For further information, or to enroll in the classes, call Gnomon at (323) 466-6663 or send an email to [email protected].

Officially launched at NAB 2001, RAYZ 1.0 is being used in production at some of Hollywood’s leading visual effects houses. Collateral Damage, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and Lord of the Rings are among the most recent films to include visual effects composited with RAYZ.

RAYZ is quickly being adopted throughout the industry as core compositing technology due to its image quality, flexibility, and innovative interface. The software runs native on IRIX, Windows and Linux (Intel, Alpha, and Mac Power PC) platforms, and offers identical features on each.

This newest version of RAYZ is designed for speed and flexibility on every level. Users can immediately reduce shot set-up time by configuring the work environment to suit their individual work style.

A key feature in RAYZ is the innovative GUI that makes it exceptionally easy to learn and fast to use. User-customizable, scriptable and extensible, the RAYZ interface features dockable windows and drag-and-drop functionality everywhere.

A unique feature to RAYZ is its ability to take advantage of not only dual-headed monitors, but multiple monitors depending on the individual’s needs. Hotkeys may be assigned to any command within RAYZ, allowing users to change or manipulate images without having to move the mouse from the image. This means that artists can concentrate on images instead of thinking about moving and connecting nodes. RAYZ also allows easy zoom and search capabilities within the node layout area, minimizing the need to scroll.

Optional pop-up help tags (integrated throughout the software) minimize the learning curve. For users accustomed to working within a timeline environment, a timeline-based clip manager allows for quick and easy sequencing of shots or elements.

Other features of RAYZ include an infinite workspace, which allows images to travel out of frame, but still exist to be brought back in later or to be used as reference points for tracking or stablizing difficult shots. In addition, RAYZ permits the compositing of images differing in size or bit depth, and even clips of different lengths may be composited with ease.

The RAYZ renderer implements Silicon Grail’s CDL technology that rearranges node execution in order to minimize memory use; in addition, this allows RAYZ to concatenate non-adjacent node operations for increased overall speed and efficiency.

Silicon Grail's web site is www.sgrail.com

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