AMD Announces Support for Microsoft Windows XP
SUNNYVALE, Calif. Aug. 24, 2001 -- AMD announced, in conjunction with Microsoft's release to manufacturing of Windows XP, support for Windows XP on AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processor-based systems. AMD collaborated with Microsoft during the development of the Windows XP operating system including the new versions of Windows Media Encoder and DirectX.

AMD has provided systems and support for specific processor optimizations to enable Microsoft to maximize the digital media experience end users can receive from AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processor-based systems. Furthermore, AMD and Microsoft are working together on go-to-market plans targeted at computer users in the office and at home through a variety of channels.

Microsoft Windows XP is well suited to take advantage of the award-winning AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processor families, particularly when using digital media, such as audio, video, photo and entertainment software. Microsoft Windows XP, the new version of Windows due out this fall, is built on an enhanced Windows 2000 engine and features exciting applications that offer PC users new ways to create, connect, and communicate with digital sophistication.

In its 32-year history, AMD has shipped more than 175 million PC processors worldwide. One out of five PCs sold worldwide to consumers and small- medium-sized businesses worldwide is powered by an AMD processor. AMD has a history of working with partners to drive innovative technologies to market, including DDR SDRAM memory and HyperTransport technology.

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