Animator Michel Gagné Launches New Comic Series
The cover of "Zed #1"
Burbank,CA May 29, 2001 -- Michel Gagné, three times Annie-nominated animator, will be releasing the first issue of his new ongoing comic series "ZED" this coming September. The first chapter of Michel’s new space opera is a bittersweet story with a cliffhanger ending.

Michel and his wife Nancy formed GAGNÉ International Press in 1998. They are well-known for their hardcover graphic storybooks, which have been favorites with children of all ages and alternative press fans, as well as cutting-edge graphic aficionados. Their latest release "ZED," is an ongoing comic book story told in a unique art style. It features an alien on an intergalactic adventure full of twist and turns.

Michel Gagné is a versatile artist/writer who has made his mark in films such as “The Iron Giant,” “Prelude to Eden” and the upcoming “Osmosis Jones,” as well as several hardcover books including the best-selling “Insanely Twisted Rabbits” and critically acclaimed “A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex”. His visionary style and imaginative artwork have earned him friends around the world.

"ZED"is the delightful yet unsettling story of a cute little alien, who inadvertently causes the galaxy's worst disaster. The tale begins on the planet Xandria, and features characters T-Jay, Macku and Krah (the loudest band in the universe). “This is an all-age book, but it has a strong edge to it. Without taking myself too seriously, I want to make this an epic, run the full gamut of emotions," says Michel.

GAGNE International Press will be promoting their new title this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con 2001 and other venues (check their website for updates). "Zed #1" is currently available in select comic stores in the Los Angeles area and through Last Gasp, FM International and Diamond Comics will distribute it nationwide in September.

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