Creating a Human face in 3dsmax using NURMS

By George Polevoy [email protected]
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Setting up symmetrical objects

Create a Box object; convert it to editable mesh.

Delete all the polygons but one.

Use the transform type-in to center your object along the symmetry axis.

Enter sub-object mode, select the polygon and move it to the side.

Mirror your object using the Instance option.

It is important to see the both symmetric sides while editing.

You can then edit either of the two objects and see the other side reflect the changes immediately.

Setting up NURMS

Apply the Mesh Smooth modifier.

Set Mesh Smooth type to NURMS.

Apply To Whole Mesh should be checked.

It is useful to set Iterations value to something smaller then in Render Values to improve interactivity while editing.

Turn the Show End Result radio button on while in Editable Mesh sub-object mode.

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