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Animation Artist Magazine is Looking for Some Good Tutorial Writers - Interested?

One of the missions of Animation Artist magazine is to become a resource of excellent tutorials and tutorial techniques. To reach this goal, Animation Artist magazine is looking for some good tutorial and tutorial technique writers. While you aren’t paid a lot of cash for your tutorial, you do get the following rewards if your tutorial is accepted for publication on the Animation Artist Web site:

1) A link will be established to your Web site (if you have one) from the page your tutorial appears on. Since Animation Artist magazine does not maintain a links page, this is an excellent way to get your Web site noticed by Animation Artist readers!

2) Your email address will be linked to your name from the page your tutorial appears on. We have known this to sometimes result in paid writing positions in print magazines that were impressed with the quality of the tutorial.

3) You will be contributing to the animation and graphics community in the same way that this free Webzine contributes.

4) You will be able to list in your resume that your work was published by Animation Artist magazine.

5) You will be paid $40 if your tutorial is published.

So what type of tutorials is Animation Artist magazine looking for?

1) Step by Step Tutorials. Animation Artist magazine is a strong believer in leading the reader step-by-step through the entire process of the tutorial or technique. Therefore writers are strongly urged to submit tutorials in a step-by-step format.

2) Software Tutorials. Animation Artist magazine is looking for tutorials that cover all the popular 3D software programs (Softimage, 3D Studio Max, LightWave, Electric Image, etc.). The more in-depth the tutorial, the better. Animation Artist is also looking for tutorials that cover graphic programs that animators use, like Photoshop 5.0 and Aura.

3) Technique Tutorials. Animation Artist magazine welcomes technique tutorials, which are smaller step-by-step tutorials that cover a single application, like “How to Create Gold Text in Photoshop 5.0.”

4) 2D Tutorials. Animation Artist magazine welcomes tutorials that deal with 2D animation and 2D animation techniques.

In addition, Animation Artist magazine accepts “second serial rights” to articles that have already appeared in other magazines. Also acceptable are tutorials that already appear on other Web sites (like your own Web page).

Please email your step-by-step tutorial or tutorial technique to [email protected] When your tutorial is received, you will be sent a confirmation email that it was received and is being examined for possible inclusion on the Animation Artist Web site. If you do not get a confirmation email then that means your tutorial was not received and you should resubmit it. You can also email the URL of your tutorial if it already appears online.

Thank you for your contribution to the animation community!

The Animation Artist team


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