Tom Jordan
Richard Bazley
Tony Fucile
Wilford Jackson
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Richard Bazley
Mark Whiting

Interview with Tony FucileTony Fucile
Head Animator for The Iron Giant

Tony Fucile is a Cal Arts alumni and has animated and designed on several features over the past 13 years. His first job as an animator was on Brad Bird's Family Dog. He reunited with Brad as Head of Animation on The Iron Giant.

Interview with Richard BazleyRichard Bazley
A Lead Animator for The Iron Giant

Richard Bazley was a Lead Animator for Warner Bros.animated feature, The Iron Giant. In this interview he gives us an inside look at his work with The Iron Giant.

Interview with Tom JordanTom Jordan
Lead Animator for
Epic Software Group

Tom Jordan is the lead animator for the epic software group, the same team responsible for the detailed tutorial CD that accompanies NewTeks Inspire 3D program. In early September, Tom Jordan won the NewTekniques magazine laser tutorial contest (and a copy of Aura) with his entry to the left titled, "Hell Hath No Fury."

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