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Animation Artist Magazine is pleased to offer you an opportunity to win prizes geared toward the animation enthusiast through regular contests, like these:
Mystery Character Contest     Winners & Chicken Run Winners List

Mystery Character Contest

Everyday you are given two new clues to help you guess the correct name of an animated mystery character.   Everyday a piece of the puzzle of the image is unveiled, and a new word clue is added.  Upon guessing the correct name of the mystery character your name is then entered into a weekly drawing for your chance to win an Animation Artist t-shirt or tote bag.

Remember, the sooner you guess the more entries you win. Guess on day 1 win 7 entries into the drawing. Guess on day 2 win 6....and so on.

Today's Word Clue:

Letter "D"

Past Word Clues:

    Day 1: Male
    Day 2: Reptile Myth
    Day 3: Sean Connery
    Day 4: Letter "D"
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:


Vicki Tracy

This Week's Prize: Your Choice a T-shirt or Tote Bag!

First Person to Correctly Guess wins: Alberto L.
Total Correct Guesses:

Last Two Week's Mystery Character:
Weaver from the movie Antz

Last Two Week's Winners:

Mystery Character Rules:
1)  Only one entry per person per day.
2)  You must include your name, name of the character you're guessing, and your email address.
3)  Please fill out the below form completely and submit your entry.
4) You have seven days and seven clues to guess the Mystery Character and get a chance to win that week's prize. Every Monday a new mystery character with clues will be available to guess. The sooner you guess the correct character, the more entries you get to win that week's prize. For example, if you guess the character on the first day, you get seven entries into the drawing. If you guess it on the last day, you only get one entry. Every day you enter, you will be sent an email telling you if your guess was correct or not.
5)  Once you have correctly guessed, there's no need to enter again that week.

Good luck and have fun!


The Mystery Character Entry Form

All fields are required to be filled out:

Your Name:         

Email Address:     

Which prize, should your name be drawn, would you like to have?

Animation Artist T-shirt

Animation Artist Tote Bag

Who is this week's mystery character?


Animation Artist T-shirt Special thanks to Kelly Haggard for modeling the Animation Artist T-Shirt.