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Mystery Character Contest


Valentine's Day Image Contest

Febuary is a time when lovers stroll down Valentine's Lane. This contest will showcase images from three types of artists; professional, student and junior. Each artist may submit one image that is themed for Valentine's Day. Please submit your image by
Feb. 14, 2001, no later then Feb 20.
Judgement is based on creativity, originality and best themed. There will be 3 categories to win in: Professional, Student and Junior. Winners will be announced Feb 28, 2001.


First Place Winners: A DVD copy of Disney's Dinosaur: The Collector's Edition
Runner Up Winners: Animation Artist T-shirt


1) An artist may only enter once, with one image, in one category.

2) Image must be original work. No copies from another artist or movies.

3) Image must be viewable for family, no "R" or "X" rated images will be accepted. Any inappropiate image will be automatically disqualified.

4) Images must be themed for Valentine's Day. Any objects such as hearts, cupids or roses, etc. are acceptable. Other romantic love scenes are also acceptable, such as a medival knight and a maiden in a moonlit garden or a futuristic scene of two robots falling in love, the creativity and originality is up to the artist.

5) Images may be created in any art medium such as, pencil, ink, or on computer.

6) Junior Category submissions: Artists who are between the ages of 7 - 15 may enter their image into this category. Due to COPPA regulations, if you are 12 years old or younger you must have one of your parents or guardian submit your image for you.

7) Student Category Submissions: Artists who are 16 yrs and older and are taking art/animation classes in any type of school (high school or college level), and/or are currently learning an animation program such as LightWave 3D, 3D Studio Max, ect may enter their image into this category.

8) Professional Category Submissions: Artists who work for an animation studio, or do freelance work on a regular basis, are currently involved in an animation project and/or have expert experience in one or more animation programs like LightWave 3D, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, etc. may enter their image into this category.

Submission Guidelines:

Email your image in jpeg or gif format, along with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address (this won’t be republished)
  • Which category you are entering - Professional, Student, or Junior.
  • Your age
  • Image title
  • A description of your image
  • What you used to create your image.

Remember, all images must be suited for a “family audience” since Animation Artist is a kid-safe Website.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

Weekly Mystery Character Contest

Everyday for 5 days (Monday - Friday) you are given two new clues to help you guess the correct name of an animated mystery character. Each day a piece of the puzzle of the image is unveiled, and a new word clue is added. Upon guessing the correct name of the mystery character your name is then entered into a weekly drawing for your chance to win an Animation Artist t-shirt or tote bag.

Remember, the sooner you guess the more entries you win. Guess on day 1 win 8 entries into the drawing. Guess on day 2 win 6....and so on.


This Week’s Prize: Animation Artist T-shirt

Mystery Character Rules:

  1. Only one entry per person per day.
  2. You must include your name, name of the character you’re guessing, and your email address.
  3. Please fill out the below form completely and submit your entry.
  4. You have five days and five clues to guess the Mystery Character and get a chance to win that week’s prize. Every Monday a new mystery character with clues will be available to guess. The sooner you guess the correct character, the more entries you get to win that week’s prize. Every day you enter, you will be sent an email telling you if your guess was correct or not until you get a confirmation of guessing the correct name.
  5. Once you have correctly guessed, there’s no need to enter again that week.
  6. Here is the list of days and winning amount of entries you will recieve if you guess the Mystery Character on that particular day:
  • Be first person to guess the correct name - win 10 entries in the drawing.
  • Guess the correct name on Day 1 - win 8 entries into the drawing.
  • Guess the correct name on Day 2 - win 6 entries into the drawing.
  • Guess the correct name on Day 3 - win 4 entries into the drawing.
  • Guess the correct name on Day 4 - win 2 entries into the drawing.
  • Guess the correct name on Day 5 - win 1 enty into the drawing.

2001 Mystery Christmas Contest
If you are the first person to correctly guess the mystery character your name will also be added to a special drawing at the end of the year called "The Mystery Christmas Drawing Contest." One person's name will be drawn to win a mystery prize to be announce December 25, 2001.

Good luck and have fun!


The Mystery Character Entry Form

All fields are required to be filled out:

Your Name:         

Email Address:     

Who is this week's mystery character?

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Last Week's
Mystery Character:
Character: Larry
Winner: Michelle

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Student: 2

Junior: 1



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